Havelock enjoys his favouritest treat ever, M&Ms.



9 thoughts on “M&Mmmmmms

  1. wowee! mum used to have rats… she says we can’t have them now… (I don’t know why?!) she sed to give them treats but never even thought to give them M+Ms! She says they were the coolest pets and she misses them- I’m jealous now! =^.^=

  2. Thanks, bymyshot.

    MM, yes, Havelock has *The Eyes*. If anything makes him happier than thieving, it’s mandmmmmmmmmms.

    Ownedbyrats, you are anything but mean! I have tried grapes, it’s a no go. They’ll take them, and stash them, but won’t eat them. Then I get to do a rotting grape hunt all over the place. I don’t know why, but I get the pickiest rats on the planet.

    Baileyboatcat, they are wickedly wonderful companions! I hope you have the experience one of these days. You should visit Ownedbyrat’s page, too. ownedbyrats.wordpress.com

  3. Oh, plain, definitely. Most of the rats don’t have much use for peanuts, unless they arrive unsalted in the shell. Havelock prefers the candy coating to the chocolate inside. He’s a heretic. :D

  4. Havelock is obviously a rat of great refinement and taste–his confusion about the best part of an M&M notwithstanding.

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