Stealing the bunny

Violette, with the help of a henchratlet, tries to steal the chocolate bunny.





10 thoughts on “Stealing the bunny

  1. Oh it’s a chocolate bunny! I thought it was a cardboard tube…

    BTW, abear who’s been providing you with gorgeous pictures is a known Entitlement Warrior, banned on most old FtB blogs. Just in case you weren’t aware

  2. Yes, and the bunny is on the missing list, moved or devoured.

    Thanks, but I’m fully aware of who abear is – he was banned on Pharyngula by Chris on my behalf. So far, he’s behaved, and as long as he does, I’ll publish his photos and allow comments.

  3. And, to add, the ‘pit has been going nuts over the whole business, they have an unbelievably long thread about it all, and I’ve had a fair number of referrals (to Affinity) from that thread. I expect all the new blogs have. If anything, it wrongfoots the idiots who are dying to claim I’m all ban happy with no reason. I’ll see how it goes.

  4. Ah, OK, I wasn’t sure if you were aware/remembered.
    I can imagine. I don’t go to the pit. After my last accidental visit I needed to throw up.

  5. Normally, I don’t either, but I did check out the thread that was referring, briefly. A bunch of fucking idiots. Apparently, the only thing I’m capable of blogging is “Die rape apologist scum.”

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