This little boy, one of Sappho’s (I think), all black except for those pink fingers and toes, like Vasco & Valleray. So, he’s Valentim, the Portuguese version of Valentine.




4 thoughts on “Valentim

  1. Oh yes. Wait until you see Leto’s crew – she has several all black, but they have the wavy Rex fur. Adorable little buggers. Violette’s bunch has a lot who look like her, black and white, pretty sure there’s a hoodie or two in there. Lola-Grace just popped hers Wednesday, and she has them well hidden, so it will be a while before I can figure out what they’re going to look like. Honestly, about drowning in babies here. Sappho, BrĂ­d, and Brember’s litters are mostly the cream and tan & white. And humans have nothing when it comes to bat fuckin’ crazy mamas from hell.

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