Valleray the Ripper

I used to have this old, ratty recliner in my studio – it was great for quilt working, big enough for two of me, and so very comfortable. It was also the first thing Valleray went after once he was no longer under lockdown – I woke one morning, wandered in, and there was a gigantic pile of foam around my recliner. I gave up on the idea of trying to keep him out of it, so I moved it into the annex. All was well, I thought, until about 3 days later, and there was Valleray, who led a raiding party into the annex in search of the recliner. There was another gigantic pile of foam. Sighing, I fished Valleray out of the recliner, shooed the rest of the raiding party back into the studio, and moved the recliner out front.

Lately, Valleray has been so miserable, because Sappho, the love of his life, turned on him, then after that incident, decided to start piling babies on top of him. Whenever Valleray is stressed, he finds anything with foam in, and starts ripping, so it’s not just a pleasure thing with him, it’s a coping strategy too. Valleray is a quiet, easygoing type, not quite up to coping with the Mama from all hells. So, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and took pity on him. I moved him out into the annex with his boys, and moved the recliner back in. He’s a happy guy now, showing his sons the fine art of foam ripping.


2 thoughts on “Valleray the Ripper

  1. My poor Valleray. You definitely know who to call if you need shredded foam. :D

  2. Oh gods, the pile of foam around the recliner keeps growing. Who knew the old recliner had so much foam in it? :D

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