The Eight

The second set of eight, definitely Sappho’s, several of them look like copies of her. These aren’t all of them, but they are the oldest, in the 11 day old range. The black one at the very front in the second shot, that one is going to stay, and be named after Amelia, one way or the other. Click for full size.




5 thoughts on “The Eight

  1. Wow, your home sure is filling up with rats again! I still don’t understand how you manage to keep your dogs and cats from eating them. Or, for that matter, how do you keep the older rat males from attacking each other.

  2. Valleray? Ah, he’s their daddy, he wouldn’t hurt the little monsters. We’ve never had too much trouble with the whole alpha male business outside of Sam. The monster dogs know the rats are part of the pack, part of the household. They’re exempt from attack. As for the cats, pffft, cats are cowards. As soon as a rat turns around, faces them and barrels straight for them, cats fucking run. If they can’t sneak up on something, they want nothing to do with it. Rats are pretty much fearless, and they sure as hell aren’t scared of cats.

  3. Your rats sound like little bad-asses.
    That reminds me – once at the market I saw a pile of chicken innards in a garbage damp. The local cats and the local rats made a strategic truce so that they both could eat that undisturbed. There were tired rats and cats with full bellies, lying side by side and slowly dozing off.

  4. Oh, they are. They never have reason to think otherwise. Hahaha, oh, I’m not surprised, a feast is a feast! If you go looking, there are a ton of videos on youtube of people’s pet rats and cats playing and cuddling.

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