13 thoughts on “Caught napping

  1. Squee! My beautiful boy! He is so adorable. ♥

    What kind of goodies from my Ratmas package did this generation of ratties prefer? (That way I can tailor the next package appropriately. :D)

  2. He is precious, all the way around. Valleray was also a happy consumer of your M&Ms, as were all the rest. Lola Grace and Sappho competed for how many M&Ms could be crammed in a mouth without impeding running ability. Loved the pecans and oats, too. Haven’t done the Nutella yet. And thank you so very much for the care package! (Oh, there was happy straw destruction, too.) :D

  3. Brember, one of the sextups. No pics, I’m trying to keep the babes alive. We’ve been slow getting people fixed, and had several pregnancies. Violette had five, but refused to take care of them after I moved them all to a safe, clean space. BrulĂ© birthed nine in the turtle (I didn’t find them in time) and just left them, so lots of dead babies. Dead babies aren’t fun. So, even though I’d like to move Brember and her ratlets, make sure they are all okay, I just don’t dare. Maternal instincts and all that jazz don’t run high in this crew. (Except for Sappho, the mum from hell).

    As for 12, it’s a guess right now. From what I could see, there’s a lot of them.

  4. I’m sorry for my comment elsewhere. I didn’t know about the abandoned ratlets. Seconding Chigau.

  5. Thanks, Ice Swimmer. Thanks, A. Lola Grace’s, all dead. Sappho has taken over the 3 litters of her daughters, and she’s the mama from hell, so they’re okay, but I can’t get anywhere near them – she’s already bit me, and attacked all the other rats, including Valleray, the love of her life. You should have seen him, he looked the like world crumbled on him. Poor boy.

  6. Thanks, Ice Swimmer.

    Oh, Valleray. I feel so bad for him, A. This is Sappho, who literally laid across him, defending from everything, and she turned on him. He’s so upset. I’d put him in with his boys, but he has a thing for gutting anything with foam, so that’s a no. I’m almost ready to sacrifice my big, ratty, uber-comfortable recliner to him. (Valleray already went after it twice, and damn near completely gutted it, so…)

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