Wishing you all a perfectly spherical Ratmas. See you next year! :D



7 thoughts on “Spherical

  1. Merry Ratmas, A! I’ll blog the package when it arrives, as usual. That will be fun with a new crew.

    Happy Ratmas to you and yours, Chigau! I hope it’s a wonderful and warm one. (Everything here is covered in hoarfrost, again. 3rd time this month, unusual.)

  2. It’s supposed to be 73 degrees today (Sunday) here in northern Virginia. After that, it will cool off into the 40s. We’ve had so much rain over the past few days that if it had been snow instead, we probably would have had more snow than we had during Snowmageddon. :D

  3. Oh, I just got back in from filling feeding stations on the deck, it’s effing -10 outside! Oh, unholy gods, cold.

  4. Hint received! I’ll work on that tomorrow, have to go into town today. Hekuni Cat’s rat care package arrived yesterday, so I’ll open it up for the little monsters tomorrow. Lola-Grace is sure to be most excited, she’s developed in a master thief. *All* the things belong to Lola-Grace. All the food, too.

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