The Agnes McSmartypants award goes to…

one of the sextuplets, who went right for the thread, rather than the mineral bar, a la Agnes, who always knew that cutting the thread was how to get those bars off that pesky Ratmas tree.



7 thoughts on “The Agnes McSmartypants award goes to…

  1. So it could take a while if you have to rely on behavioural cues to ID them.
    Smartypants is a cute name.

  2. Alexander, with interest. They start sniffing immediately, and realize there isn’t an actual rat, so it doesn’t hold their interest for a terribly long time. Rats have lousy eyesight, and rely on smell much more. Amelia was an exception when it came to mirrors, she liked looking at herself. Well, Amelia was exceptional in all ways.

    Chigau, yep, it could take a while. I can’t even go with a version of Agnes, because I don’t know which one this is, or if it’s one of the two girls.

  3. Caine – that’s amazing! It means Amelia (and probably other rats as well) had a sense of self and an incredible intelligence!!

  4. Oh yes. That’s no surprise to anyone who has had the fortune of rat companions. I’ve had a number of rats that I’d count as being smarter than some people I know. I can say that they sure as hell learn much faster than I do!

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