Leto, Hades, and um…

Leto (those whiskers, so cute!) having a good time thieving freshly cracked pecans, Leto continuing to thieve, accompanied by Hades, and the last shot is one of the as yet unnamed sextuplets. I still haven’t figured out what to do about that, but two of the sextups are girls. Click for full size.




7 thoughts on “Leto, Hades, and um…

  1. I particularly like the last picture. She looks simultaneously scared and intrigued. Taking her first steps into the world of photography modelling? :)
    Also well done on their red house – very festive.

  2. Oh, she was caught right at the shutter click, which is loud, and scared the hell out of her! Their festive boxes – cheap gift boxes, easy to cut doorways into, always a plus.

  3. Right, then.
    Permanent markers at ready…
    … across the muzzle … Muzzie
    … messy thing across the back … Dorsa
    … last, desperate attempt on the tail … Tippy
    … missed out on all that nonsense … Caine Jr.

  4. :D I’m going to have to take a Sharpie to them, but it won’t stay on, I’d have to keep doing it. I wish I could pierce their ears or something. At least Oliver, Chester, Theo, Neville, and Dexter had varied tails. Gad.

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