Proper Ratlets

The ratlets are now wanting to run, climb, play, and test out those tiny teeth. They are patiently gnawing their way through crunchies, discovering salad, and finding out how much fun it is to run, jump, and climb! Sappho is very upset, she wants them in a deep, dark corner, but the ratlets are out of the box now…




9 thoughts on “Proper Ratlets

  1. OMG
    They are soooooo cuuuute.
    and seriously
    good luck on the IDing of the six-pack,
    I can’t tell the blackies apart

  2. Anne, oh yes, they are, and their mama is not pleased at all, and that’s one hell of an understatement. As soon as I put their box back in the condo, they came boiling out, hit the ladder, and were up on the next level, getting into everything! Sappho kept running up there, grabbing them, running back down, and trying to stuff them in a corner of the box.

    Chigau, oh gods, the adorable is at a lethal level. The two black ones have a different amount of white on the tips of their tails – we’ve taken to calling one of them Tiptree, and that might end up sticking. They need names soon, but fuck me, I haven’t a clue how to tell the sixpack apart. I might just resort to making a little tail chart, and take a Sharpie to their tails. Rick laughed when I told him about your “teeny tattoos” – he doesn’t think that’s a bad idea! Oh, they are so cute, right now I don’t care.

  3. You can watch them growing!
    Tell Sapho to chill out, from one mum to another. News about abductions are always big, but very rare ;)

  4. You can! Oh, I’m the last person who Sapph would listen to, but I am getting tired of repeating “Sappho! Put the baby back! or the ever popular variation, “Sappho, put the baby down!”

  5. I love that heart shape (most clear on the black rattie’s face, who’s facin the camera in both pics).

  6. :D They are beautiful – even the ones who got Sappho’s colouring (cream), they all got Valleray’s shape, and he’s a remarkably beautiful guy.

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