There Be Ratlets Here!

Day 16. I don’t know how the hell we’ll ever tell the sextuplets apart.









9 thoughts on “There Be Ratlets Here!

  1. Oh, no. I have a list of possible names, but at this point, I’m not able to tell sex (not confidently anyway), and all I can do is hope there will be some sort of distinguishment in the sextuplets as they get a bit older. The two black ones have different size bits of white on the tips of their tails, so that will be okay. I think there might be one girl, but I’m not sure. I’ll think about names when they are four to five weeks old. They’ll be busy driving me nuts by that time! :D

  2. Chigau, that would work!

    Anne, yes, they are finally baked, and so adorable! I couldn’t catch it on camera yesterday, but oh, you should see them trying to clean themselves – they get it right, then fall over. :D

  3. Squee!

    Even when you get to know the sextuplets better, telling them apart will continue to be a challenge. Fortunately, you are blessed with superior color and pattern recognition. Hopefully that will help. :D

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