6 thoughts on “Bed Buds

  1. That’s okay, I don’t have them! Don’t want them, either. A couple of years ago, I did some reading about those nasty things, and I hope I never, ever see one.

  2. The second picture teaches us something about heads and tails. Not sure what, though. 8-)

  3. That was my initial reaction too, Ice Swimmer. :D Gracie does have a thing for heads though, she often leaps onto my head so she can ride along while I do things. I’ve been calling her my Rat Hat.

  4. My grandmother used to tell us about bedbugs and how much she hated them. For her grandchildren, on the other hand, they were nothing but tiny monsters that appeared in the phrase, “Don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

    Yay for getting a photo of Valleray!

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