Eight little ratlets, born within the hour. I managed to get them moved, along with Sappho, but not without sustaining an injury, like everyone else (bite to the forehead, yeah, that’s fun.) Now I have to tend to the bites the other rats sustained.



9 thoughts on “Eight

  1. Sigh. Yes, I suppose. It’s not the ratlets’ fault their mum is one of the nastiest bitches on the planet. They are Valleray’s too, and he’s a sweetie. This is not going to be a fun few weeks.

  2. Yes, it will be, I’m sure. There’s nothing like baby rats for pure joy, once they finish baking. I’m hoping it’s only eight – I’m not so sure Sappho was done when I got everyone moved. Not being overly anxious to get bitten yet again, I’ll wait a while to check.

  3. Eight is a small litter. I bet she’s not done yet. I look forward to seeing them doing the Popcorn!

  4. I haven’t been able to check, I’ll wait until you’re home and gloved up, then maybe we’ll be able to see. Sappho doesn’t want to stay on the lower levels of the condo, but I have her locked in there so she doesn’t move the babes all over hell and gone, and isn’t attacking everyone else. I hear the babes squalling now and then, that’s all. I’d prefer not to sustain anymore bites to the forehead.

  5. Yes, a bite to the forehead is radically aggressive. I don’t blame you at all for wanting to wait.

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