Leto, Lola-Grace, and Violette

A very bad photo of Leto, eating salad while making sure she was out of reach (she doesn’t like being handled, and isn’t crazy about the camera), Lola-Grace grabbing salad and pistachios (very much in the spirit of Artemis, Amelia, and Agnes, a serious thief and master of stash), and Violette, who joined us on Tuesday (Nov. 10th), and fit right in with zero problems. Click for full size.







6 thoughts on “Leto, Lola-Grace, and Violette

  1. I expect maxrat is going to happen anyway – I’m pretty sure Sappho is knocked up. I hesitated over Violette, she looks so much like Beatrice, but she was all alone in this huge effing aquarium, all crunched up in a corner, and she did remind me of Valleray when we first saw him, so…yeah. I made a mistake in thinking she was terribly scared (like Valleray) – she wasn’t the least bit afraid. She’s packed away so much food since late Tuesday, she should double her current size very soon. She is a small rat (bred to be a smaller size), and is tiny compared to the others, but she can seriously hold her own.

  2. Oh dear, I hope that maxrat isn’t going to happen. But Violet is super cute

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