An end to escapism

Everyone is now happily settled, and the escape attempts have stopped now that Valleray is in with Sappho, Leto, and Lola-Grace. Yes, Valleray. It became quite apparent that Demonax was not liked, and was not going to garner any response outside of disdain. So, in the fine tradition of allowing animals to choose their own name, I ran a number of them by our rescued boy (I pushed for Hellequin, but no go), and Valleray was the one he liked. (From The Ghost Riders of Ordebec, by Fred Vargas, the character of Comte Rémy François de Valleray). So, anyway, no more desperate chewing of mats, suicide leaps and all that. Valleray has been doing wonderful, and he has a very gentle, sweet temperament. I’m seriously at a loss as to why anyone would have abused him, then dumped him so cruelly. Only Sappho and Lola-Grace were up and about for photos, click for full size.






5 thoughts on “An end to escapism

  1. I am interested in a more detailed explanation of how you determine what name they want.
    That said, I do prefer Valleray over Demonax.

    for no reason that I can articulate

  2. First, there’s the dislike of the initial name – turning the head, turning so their back is to you, refusing to respond. So, I’ll go around until I can see them and say, “okay, we’ll try other names, then start reciting them, a la what do you think about Hellequin?” If the name isn’t liked, you get the elaborate head turn again – this is sort of like a whole body eyeroll. When I finally get to a name they like, they face you, and if it’s a rat, start to brux, and move on to boggling upon repeating the chosen name.

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