Our rescue rat is starting to come out of his shell a bit. These shots don’t do him justice at all, he’s so beautiful. If Havelock and Vasco had a kid, this is what he’d look like. Hopefully, better photos will follow. Right now, there’s a more immediate problem – Sappho & Demonax. Sappho jumped ship twice last night. The first time, I caught her and put her back, but didn’t lock her up. Mistake. The second time, she made it across the studio, climbed all the way to the top of Demonax’s habitat, and spent the night on the rooftop, trying to figure out how to get to him. Demonax responded just as strongly to Sappho, he decided to stop hiding if it meant he might see (or smell) her again. Gad. Anyway, here are bad photos of Demonax:



10 thoughts on “Demonax!

  1. Better call and make an appointment ASAP for Sappho & Leto. Do Grace as soon as she’s old enough, separately.

  2. Thanks, Anne & Chigau. Well, looks like the ops need to be as soon as possible. Lola Grace* isn’t old enough, and I’m not worried about Leto, she’s so damn spooky, she runs as soon as she sees anyone or anything strange, but Sappho has some strong instincts going, and I suspect Demonax will do much better once he’s with other rats, so soon. Very, very soon. Rick, yes – I don’t want to do it this week though, I want the girls to have a bit more time to settle. Sappho stayed in the habitat last night, and I’m not overly worried.

    *Lola Grace because every day, she reminds me more and more of Lola Graytail in The Dragon Rider. I can so picture Grace in aviatrix gear, flying a plane, so Lola Grace, and she seems to like the name well enough.

  3. Grace. I wondered at such a traditional Christian girl “desired attribute” name. Lola Graytail must have been in the back of your mind, just not fully formed, so Grace came out. Shall you make it complete, and just name her Lola Graytail? I think both you and her will be happier for it.

  4. Actually, I was going with Greek (as I did with Leto and Sappho), a Grace (Charis) being a minor goddess of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, and fertility, so I think she’ll stay Lola Grace. Besides, she likes the name.

  5. I’ll be switching back to the old one soon – it’s about Columbus day, see the 3rd image down on the sidebar at Needled, there’s a big version!

  6. A rat who might have been a child of Vasco and Havelock will always have my heart.

    I like Lola Grace as a name. Lola is my mother’s name. She has never met anyone else named Lola.

  7. Hee, mine too. You don’t come across solid black rats often. Oh, I didn’t know that was your mum’s name! My favourite Kinks song is Lola, and one of our motorcycles is named Lola. :D

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