Settling in

Got the habitat set up finished, and it’s a hit. Sappho, Leto, and Grace are all happily settled in, with Grace having established that she’s the baby boss of everyone.





6 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. :D I’m looking forward to meeting Demonax myself. So far, he’s pretty much been hiding, I’ve only see him a couple of times. He freaks out when the overhead lights are on, reminds him of being trapped in an aquarium in the pet store, I expect. I’m going to work on his habitat tomorrow, expand it and all, so he doesn’t have to be locked up. It’s going to be a long haul with that one. I’m sure he’d rather be with the other rats, but the girls aren’t spayed, and Gracie can’t be spayed for at least another four to five weeks. She’s so *tiny* – much smaller than Esme was, and she was pretty small.

    I did change water dishes, giving Demonax’s larger dish to the girls, and Sappho was mighty interested in the “oh, there’s a fella somewhere!” pee on the outside.

  2. They do like that suspended cage a lot. I’m glad you got some good pictures of them in it.

  3. The camera scares Gracie half to death. Just a few minutes ago (about 11:50pm), I was almost bloody asleep, when I kept hearing an odd noise. Thinking it was the dogs, I sat up to glare at them, and Jayne was laying down, but no Doll. She was poking about in my studio, no idea of what she was doing (looking for sweet stuff, probably), when I saw a flash of white – Sappho either fell or jumped. She was fine, just scared, and hiding under the tabaret, so I got the little carrier, set it down, and in she went. Let’s hope this doesn’t become a habit.

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