Introducing Grace

We brought home two more rats today, Grace, who is five weeks old, still popcorn, and driving Leto and Sappho to distraction. She’s grand, possibly in the category of dangerous smart (a la Alfie or Agnes), sweeter than sugar, and fun. Our second rat is a rescue, an older male, all black, who was in a home, but dumped at the city pound recently, who then dumped him at a pet store. He’s been seriously traumatized, and it will be a while before he’ll allow any interaction, and I don’t expect to be able to get photos for some time. His name is Demonax. If you’re wondering about that name, see here. I have him in the upper section of the second rat condo, and he’s done remarkably well, eating, and exploring his new habitat to the full. He’ll even stay in view as long as the door stays shut (right now, he’s terrified if a person gets too close, he simply doesn’t want to be handled or moved any more at this point, and who could blame him for that?) So, heeeeeere’s Grace:






7 thoughts on “Introducing Grace

  1. Hehe, i kinda knew you wouldn’t be without sweet rodents for long. They’Re all very cute.

  2. :D Oh gods, there was a whole litter of little Rex Dumbos, and I probably would have brought them all home, if we hadn’t already had Sappho and Leto – there was only one little girl in the litter, Grace. She reminds me of Chester when he was a babe – she loves to play, and likes riding about in the hood of a hoodie.

    Demonax was given to us, so that he’d have a home, it wasn’t looking good for him, and it’s doubtful he would have been homed, because he’s been in such extreme fear that he’s prone to aggression when he feels threatened, and no one is willing to home such animals, don’t want to be sued and all that, so there was massive relief when we said we’d do the rescue. He reminds me of Vasco, he’s a big bear of a rat, and I think he’s going to be just fine, all he needs is time and stability.

  3. Aw, she’s my special little baby. Her nose was a bit out of joint when we brought Violette home, but lots of special attention got her back to her normal sweetness.

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