Ave atque vale, Patrician

Havelock died in my arms about 10 minutes ago (around 4:18 pm). Havelock was 3 years old, and the last parent standing. Havelock was also the Patrician of Rat Studio City, doing his rounds twice each day, once in the morning, once in the evening, making sure all was well, and the pee trails were clear. He was a calm rat, accepting of all, and quite curious about everything. Havelock was never happier than when he had M&Mmmmms, preferably eaten while sitting on a pile of fresh salad. He will be most missed, and fuck me, I think I’ll be taking a heartbreak break.



9 thoughts on “Ave atque vale, Patrician

  1. I’m very sorry, C. Havelock was a wonderful father of his tribe. I’m happy I was able to provide him with some of his M&M fixes. I will really miss him and the stories about him. *more hugs and love* A

  2. Thank you, A. You can happily remember all the delirious joy you brought to Havelock, with all those packages of M&Mmmmms, and I thank you for that.

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