Basket & Butts

Alright, technically it’s an Eostre box…

It was time to clean today, and as I got to the top shelf of the playstation, I uncovered Havelock, looking too adorable for words, in the Eostre basket, and the arses of Artemis and Agnes, jammed into their tube (That’s Mallory’s arse to the right side of the tube). Time to get a new one of those. A bigger one, I think.

Artemis and Agnes
Artemis and Agnes

7 thoughts on “Basket & Butts

  1. I’ll wager that they won’t like the bigger tube nearly as much – half the fun is in squashing into a small space together.

  2. You’re probably right – I was thinking of getting them a few different sizes. They probably will go for the ‘arses smushed together’ one. More comforting.

  3. Squee! Thank you. Rat pictures have made me smile when I might have otherwise cried. I come back to them when I need a pick-me-up.

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