Goodnight, Vasco Stormrat

Vasco died, losing a protracted fight against pneumonia. He died quietly, and was in no pain. He will be missed so very much. Vasco was a special being indeed, outgoing, friendly, caring, and ever inquisitive. Vasco had a great love of thunderstorms, the wilder and noisier the better. I would hold him up to a screen during storms, and he would cling to it, raising his nose high, relishing the thunder grumbling and blasts of rain borne on the wind. He held the hearts of myself and Hekuni Cat in particular, and there will be a little bit missing now, with Vasco’s absence. Goodnight, Vasco Stormrat. You will be remembered.




15 thoughts on “Goodnight, Vasco Stormrat

  1. Thank you, C. He will indeed be remembered. *hugs* for you, Rick, and the ratties.

  2. Sorry for your loss. He was beautiful… my mum had rats before I was around and she says they were so intelligent and loving. I hope all the other rats are OK

  3. A, yes, he will. Hugs right back to you.

    Thank you, Baileyboatcat. Vasco was particularly beautiful, and our only all black rat. Your mum is right, and yes, the other rats are okay.

  4. I know! Vasco grew into such a large rat. The first was when Vasco was just two months old, and the one of him having a bath in the water dish was when he was around 5 months old, I think. Those shots will always be among my most favourite, Vasco was very fond of having a long, leisurely bath.

  5. :(

    I am so sorry. I will remember and cherish all the Vasco stories you’ve shared. Thank you for letting us get to know him through you. ♥

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