wanted her photo taken, so her she is. :D



12 thoughts on “Amelia

  1. Hey, Cicely. She is a bright eyed girl!

    I’m glad, Hekuni Cat. Did you get my email about Vasco?

  2. Vasco died, bad case of pneumonia. I didn’t want to blog it until Hekuni Cat knew first, it can be a bad shock. I let Imagines A Beach know about Zoe before hand, too.

  3. Yes, he is, however, due to specific reasons, I feel no obligation in that quarter.

  4. Inaji, I just replied to your email. Thank you for letting me know. It was definitely a shock. I will miss him so much. ♥

  5. Please also give gentle pets to all the ratties for me. *many hugs and much love*

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