Turtle Nest

When it comes to bedding, hidey holes and all that, the rats have a high preference for things made for ferrets. Today they got Turtle nest! Oh boy…




TN3  TN5



11 thoughts on “Turtle Nest

  1. Totally cute. Did you make this? Or is this one of those rat products I would haven’t dreamed existed; at least, that is, until you show them to me. Then I think, that is awesome.

    Also, thank you for making a hard week a lot better. (I know, I know, the week is hardly started, and I am hopeful of improvement, but I fear it will only be in minor increments. Family. Definitely can’t live with them. Sometime I don’t even want to hear about what they’re up to (or not doing in some cases) either.

  2. Oh no, I can’t make stuff like that. It’s a ferret hide-away. People make the cutest stuff for ferrets, and the rats love ferret stuff. There’s also a pirate hat one, and I’ll definitely be getting that some time in the future. :D

    Oh, family stuff. All my sympathies. I hope it passes as quickly as possible, with the least amount of stress.

  3. Mmmph, okay I suppose. Spine has been screwed up good and proper for 4 weeks now, lots of pain and little mobility. Spent a long day (10:30 to 5:00) at hospital yesterday. More drugs, gotta go back for spinal shots and start physical therapy. Fun!

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