There was a string of Cheerios left when I took the Ratmas tree down, which was eaten in short order. Four kinds of Cheerios!

Artemis opts for delicious pomegranate seeds
Artemis opts for delicious pomegranate seeds
Gytha disappears one end of the string into the hammock
Gytha disappears one end of the string into the hammock



20 thoughts on “Cheeriohohohos

  1. I didn’t know either, until I went to get them for the Ratmas tree. Let’s see, there was regular type whole wheat ones, apple cinnamon, honey nut, and chocolate. They didn’t like the chocolate ones much. I don’t eat cereal very often, maybe about once or twice a year, and I’m partial to puffed rice.

  2. I can’t blame the ratties for not eating chocolate cheerios. They sound rather unappealing to me.

    Caine, I offer my love, support, hugs, and chocolate in the hope they will help at this difficult time. I also thank you for sharing your knowledge, your rats, your humor, and your friendship over the past 5+ years. I cherish them all.

    I love your new avatar too, and I look forward to seeing whatever rat or project pictures you post next. ♥

  3. I didn’t try them, I trust the rat’s tastes in these matters. I did try the apple cinnamon, though, pretty tasty.

    Thank you so much, A. I appreciate your friendship more than I can say. I honestly thought I could carry on, but it seems I do have a limit, and it’s been reached, to say the least. My love to you, always.

  4. Oh. I closed back out after addressing the mess. Years ago, I wrote a race descriptor on usenet: Caine, Dutch-Scottish-Croation-English-with tiny bits of Greek-Russian freckled melanin-impaired, ginger-haired Leftpondian. The doucheweasel on Pharyngula quoted that, and made noises about me being magically half Oglala Lakota now. Prior to that, I had been open about being a haffer, which resulted in harassment and my ending up with an asshole stalker for a long time, so I changed my nym to Caine, and kept quiet about my status after that. I always felt guilty for doing that, which is why when I decided to be out about it this time around, I resolved to stay out.

    Yes, Inaji. I can’t carry ‘Caine’ anymore, it’s had too many layers of shit attached to it now, like Marjanovic’s saying “The Caine Mutiny” in regard to me, whatever that’s supposed to mean, but I guess it paints me as Captain Queeg, eh? I’m really upset by that, because I’ve been using Caine for decades, but what else am I supposed to do now? I *heard* myself break the other day, I’m over my limit, my name is shit, and even leaving hasn’t helped, because people want to dance on the grave now, and make it all worse. I had thought that maybe I could go back to Pharyngula in 6 months or so, but I don’t think that will be possible anymore.

  5. I will refer to you however you want.
    but, please, what does Inaji mean?

    I know nothing is ever really deleted on the internets but …
    really someone is so obsessed with you that he dredges up a quip that is that long-gone???

    I think you could come back to Pharyngula any time.
    (depending on how YOU feel, of course.)

  6. It’s Lakota, means ‘arise’. Pick any definition of that word you like, it’s flexible. :D Properly, it’s Ináji, pronounced ee nah zjee.

    Uh, I remember posting that a couple of places, but it was years ago. I really just wish these asses would leave me be. I’ve made my moblog private, removed my info from the wiki, and would close down my gallery, but that’s a source of income that I can’t afford to lose. My blogs, I have control over, at least there’s that.

    I won’t say I’ll never surface again at Pharyngula, but if it happens, it won’t be soon.

  7. Ináji
    good nym
    Caine (last time useage)
    If you email me at the address I use to sign in here, I can respond from my One True Email.

  8. *very many very large hugs* for you, by any name you wish.

    And chocolate cheerios are naaaasty.

  9. Thanks, Cicely. I just wish they’d stop digging (going by my stats, the arseholes are digging up to two years back now, on my blogs and Pharyngula. Idiots.)

    Oh, yes, I felt bad doing it, but I dumped the remainder of the chocolate cheerios today. Blech.

  10. I noticed yesterday that apparently, Cheerios also come in peanut butter flavor.

    I’m not brave enough to give them a try.

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