Happy Ratyear to Us!

Thanks so very much to Hekuni Cat. Thank you, thank you! Havelock is gonna faint when he sees all those M&Mmmmmmmmmmms.

Ratmas gifities from Hekuni Cat, Bubble wrap, Nutella, M&Mmmmms and Candy Canes!
Ratmas gifities from Hekuni Cat, Bubble wrap, Nutella, M&Mmmmms and Candy Canes!

4 thoughts on “Happy Ratyear to Us!

  1. :D :D :D I hope they all enjoy their treats. (They would have gotten some nuts to shell–or be shelled for them–but Wegmans moved the nuts to a different location, and I didn’t find them again until after I had mailed the package. Sigh.)

    I was starting to wonder if the package had arrived (given the problems delivery services have during this season. We unexpectedly had a package delivered this evening by either UPS or a courier service. We had requested the usual free delivery service, so something must have gone wrong for them to bring it to us on New Year’s Day after 6 pm! :D

    I hope you are well and that I’ll have more time to comment on your lovely pictures soon. Happy New Year, Caine! $hearts;

  2. Oh, that’s alright – we got a massive amount of nuts in the shell for them, they have plenty! The package got here fine, we were terribly late picking it up. Missed the early close on xmas eve, then we don’t usually pick up mail until Monday. (I seriously dislike walking to the post office in winter.)

    We’re all well, I hope the same for you, and that everything calms down soon! Happy New Year.

  3. Oh my! I know it would make me ill, but I think I’m jealous of the rats. I hope they had fun!

  4. Oh yes, they had fun! A mass amount. They *love* M&Mmmmmms, and set about on a thieving binge to rival all others. Now they’re on a Nutella binge, and the bubble wrap has been stashed, and I hear popping now and then. :D

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