The fine art of shelling M&Ms

Amelia doesn’t much care for the candy coating on M&Mmmmmmms, so she shells them.




7 thoughts on “The fine art of shelling M&Ms

  1. Looks like an opportunity for some other rat to score some freebie candy coating.

  2. Yes, there’s always that, but they all seem to have preferences when it comes to M&Mmmmmmms. Havelock prefers orange ones, best eaten while sitting on a pile of salad (I’m pretty sure there’s a statement in there somewhere), Artemis goes for yellow and blue ones, Agnes only selects cracked ones, and so on.

  3. So many colors and conditions. Of course they have preferences. My absolute favorite colors were the black and orange packages we used to get for Halloween until they changed the colors. I did not, however, notice any difference between them with regard to taste.

  4. Hee, I loved those too! I like how you can get the colours you prefer now (they have them at a party supply store here.) Well, I like the idea. In my experience, they get eaten too quickly for the pretty to matter. :D

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