Agnes and Oliver

have one of their most favourite things, chicken rice and pasta. Yum.  I am computerized once again, so I’ll be able to resume blogging.


6 thoughts on “Agnes and Oliver

  1. :D Thank you, A! I’m glad, too. So much catastrophic failure of my internets machines had me very cranky. I really, really hope this one lasts a good long while.

  2. Me too. *crossed tentacles*

    Our desktop computer (which we use for gaming) decided not to boot last week Tuesday. Attempts to resolve the problem and retrieve data continue. Fortunately our laptops are working fine, so internet access has not been impeded. Email is another story. The address book on that computer is resisting our attempts to access it. Sigh. Backups are never as complete as you hope they are. :(

  3. Oh no. I’m so sorry to hear. No, backups are never complete. At least mine aren’t. I got most of my eddresses back via gmail, but I always forget to back up my bloody bookmarks, and I’m a bookmark fiend. I hope you’re able to rescue your desktop, at least to get your stuff off it.

  4. Good news. After much tinkering, including uninstalling both hard drives, testing the C drive, finding it was working, reinstalling both drives, it starting working again for no discernible reason. (Well, the reason is probably “that’s Windows for you.”) Thus, with the exception of a few emails sent during the chaos and transfer-to-laptop process, we’ve got access to everything. Much backing up immediately commenced. :D We’re also looking at getting another drive (or several drives) to provide more options and long-term storage.

  5. Oh FFS, yep, that’s windows. Gad, no one needs that kind of stress. I have a couple of external harddrives, those things are wonderful!

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