Nothing says love like a chocolate puddle

Basil and Dexter
Basil and Dexter


4 thoughts on “Nothing says love like a chocolate puddle

  1. Lucky rats, Caine. You give them love and chocolate in magnificent abundance.

    Yay, Vasco! I’d say you caught his good side, but that would imply he had a bad one, which we both know is just wrong. He’s gorgeous from all sides. :D

  2. baileyboatcat, very yummy! It’s Nestle’s Boost, a good way to get vitamins into the rats without a fuss.

    Hekuni Cat, it’s hard to catch Vasco on his good eye side, he tends to present the bad eye side, but I think of him as Vasco Stormrat these days, and the bad eye just fits everything about him. My adventurer rat. :D

  3. As you say, the eye becomes him, and I love the name Vasco Stormrat. He missed quite a storm this afternoon. He would have been all over my house checking out windows. It was loud, dark, and wet, interspersed flashes of light. (Of course the Weather Channel said we had no percent chance of rain at that time, and only about a 30% chance this evening. I’m sure the updated forecast no longer reflects that misinformation.)

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