4 thoughts on “New Box

  1. There’s just something about watching a happy pet, and knowing that you made that pet happy, isn’t there.

    I really enjoy your rat posts; if I didn’t have two cats, I’d be sorely tempted to adopt a rattie or two.

  2. Yes, there is. Very satisfying to make your companions happy. Ah, rats are excellent little friends. We have 5 cats. I keep the rats in my studio. Our first rat, Ash, was a rescue, and he deliberately bit every single cat in the house (at the time, we had seven), to school them as to leavin’ his ass alone. It worked. Also, it’s funnier than hell to see cats run from a rat, which they do when a rat barrels head on and charges them. Alfie used to do that, scared the cats to pieces. :D

  3. I’ve never had rats, but I’ve had hamsters and cats simultaneously, and yeah. What Caine said. Cats cannot handle uppity, fearless rodents well, and their reactions to them are just too funny.

  4. Oh, the reactions are hilarious. I loved it when Alfie would barrel at a cat, which backed up until their ass was against a wall, then stood on hind legs and tried to grab their nose! A cat will do anything to get away, usually vault right over said rodent. :D

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