Cosmetic Rats

I sometimes do art pieces using cosmetics, so I have a stash of cosmetics I pick up for cheap at Big Lots and various thrift stores. The rats managed to get ahold of this case of cosmetics, and proceeded to eat every single bit.



10 thoughts on “Cosmetic Rats

  1. Look at that! They do art pieces using cosmetics too! :D

    But… they’re eating cosmetics. I can’t help but think that it can’t possibly be good for them. :-/

  2. Yes, they do! I don’t buy anything remotely toxic which the rats can get to by any means. Most stuff, I keep locked up or very out of reach. No one seems to be bit upsetty. I suspect they chewed out the eyeshadow for the toothsome fun of it, and were mostly after the lip stuff – to them, it would be like vaseline, which they *love*.

  3. Makes sense. I guess I’m just not used to dealing with rats! Chewing cosmetics… uh. Well, they obviously think it’s great fun.

  4. I had no idea rats like vaseline, but I figured that rats believe everything is fair game for chewing.

  5. Oh gods, yes, they go absolutely ratshit over vaseline, they’ll do anything to get it. The result of them getting it is one big mess, as you can imagine.

  6. Cheap cosmetics (Christmas Gift Packs, I’m lookin’ at you!) make decent face paint for Halloween. :)

    I particularly like the shimmery blues for painting on a butterfly “mask”.

  7. I’m afraid to think about the mess left behind after the rats have played with the vaseline.

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