Agnes and Neville

Agnes and Neville, two who have both really come into their own lately. Agnes wins every sweetness award ever – she is such a sweet, amiable, happy girl. She’s also one of the Brave Girls (Agnes, Amelia, and Artemis), who like to go exploring together. Neville has always been a shy boy who much prefers people to keep themselves at a distance. Lately, much patient work with Neville has paid off in a big way – he not only doesn’t run away from me anymore, he actually lets me pet him once in a while! It really is a big deal, that.

Agnes & Neville

6 thoughts on “Agnes and Neville

  1. I’m glad Neville is coming out of his shell. He’s a real cutie, and with luck, he’ll let you take more pictures of him. :D

  2. Here’s hoping. Nev is a hard case, to say the least, but he trusts me now and that is *huge*. Poor Nev has gotten bullied a lot, I don’t know why, but he’s spent a lot of time by himself, so that hasn’t helped on the social front. I’ve come down very hard on those doing the bullying when I catch them in the act, and that’s helped tremendously.

  3. Here’s hoping most of the bullying is behind Neville. Give him a few gentle pets from me if he’ll allow them.

  4. Well, it’s lessened considerably, but the boys do get moods where they are all Fighty McFight Fight, drives me bats. They all know I won’t tolerate fighting or bullying, but it doesn’t stop them from trying.

  5. Yes, it is, which is why I have serious attitude adjustments for it (bullies get locked up for a day or two, that’s intense punishment to a rat.) Neville is doing much better, I’ve spent the last couple of months paying special attention, stomping on anyone who gives him a hard time, offering special treats, and making sure he feels protected. He also is allowed to be an obnoxious protector of one particular space in the annex where I sleep. That’s *his* spot, no one else is allowed. Nev always sleeps in the annex with me, rather than with the other rats in the studio. He’s a much happier boy these days.

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