Weekly Boost

Cramming in for a shot of their once-a-week Boost, vitamins in liquid chocolate form, yum! Tomorrow is major cleaning day, which they hate, but then they will have a host of birthday goodies, including delicious carrot cake.



7 thoughts on “Weekly Boost

  1. You give them birthday cake? My goodness, sounds like rattie paradise. Hope you are well, and enjoying summer.

  2. Cleaning, bleah. It is shedding season. Vacuuming seems rather pointless when you have four cats and two dogs.

  3. Thanks, Hekuni Cat. It’s long overdue basic cleaning and Spring cleaning. This is gonna take all summer, I think.

    Tethys, yeah…all the rats, 5 cats, 2 monster dogs and 2 longhairs (me & Rick) here. Much shedding. The hair is never under control.

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