Vasco Stormrat

During last night’s thunderstorm (which was the usual spectacular event), Vasco Stormrat emerged.  While the rest of the rats took good sniffs of the high, wet wind whipping in through the window, listened to the thunder grumble and crack, then dived for deep cover, Vasco kept trying to get to the open window.  I didn’t get photos of Vasco chasing and enjoying the storm, because I was busy being his transport. I took him over to the studio window, where he clung to the screen, getting wet with rain and seeming to relish the lightning and thunder. I took him around the house for a few other sniff and views of the storm, and he was most pleased. Afterwards, he had a nice nosh. We has a stormchaser in the family.


13 thoughts on “Vasco Stormrat

  1. I was laughing about Vasco being so excited about the storm. He looks good in that picture. The Hacker’s Keyboard is working pretty well.

  2. It was fun watching him, he was *so* excited. I’m really glad that keyboard’s working for you. I have to see if I can figure out how to get Firefox on the new tablet. Got my wallpaper on…

  3. Hah! A cape would be no problem, as long as it was red, which is his favourite colour. Glasses, though? No, I don’t think he’d go for that.

  4. I’m okay! Sorry about the absence. Overwhelmed with work, tired, high pain levels and no fun at all for weeks. I’ll get back to normal blogging soon. I think.

  5. I am so deeply in love with this story. Would it be all right if I honored Vasco Stormrat by naming one of the rat-people in my novel after him?

  6. Thanks, Cicely.

    MM, that would be a high honor indeed. Please, feel free to use the name, and thank you very much.

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