Hole is where the heart is

Holes! Wonderful holes! Rats are firm believers in having many entrances and exits. Such things make them very happy. We finally cut holes in the 3rd shelf level of the rat condo which sits between playstation west and playstation east, so they now have a thruway. This has been most popular.  I then decided to give an old, cheap plastic set of drawers (3 drawers) to the rats as well, to the side of playstation east. There’s a hole in the top, and a hole in the front of each drawer, and a hole in the bottom of the first two drawers. There was much exploration and excitement in the studio last night.






8 thoughts on “Hole is where the heart is

  1. This is marvelous, and so convenient for the ratties. You do such wonderful things with and for them.

    I’ll leave this *pile of hugs and chocolate* for everyone to share, especially you.

  2. Ohhh, thank you. ♥ The rats are just thrilled with all their new holes, and the new set of drawers. Really, I don’t know why I didn’t think about drawers before.

  3. Ha! They do love those little entrances, and I can tell you I have to agree, so very convenient! We made a similar sort of contraption out of an old wooden shelf. Just in time for the new batch — our last pack, unfortunately, had to go due to tumours, even though we kept thinking that one persistent ninja nutter would live up until the heat death of the universe. No worries, new batch! Mink, mink essex and rex-black essex in da house, biting toes and generally going “cry CHIRP/BRUX and let slip the rats of lunacy!”

    One problem we had was trying to apply sandpaper on the edges of the holes, though. If I got splinters from the job, I shudder to think what’d happen to the kits with their paws. :/

  4. Hallo, Teejaykay! Oh, I’m so sorry about your previous pack of rats, it’s tough when you have to do that. Our last Mom Rat standing, Rubin, is going in on Monday for an incredibly large tumor/growth on her hind leg. Probability it’s benign, though. Glad you’re having fun with your new crew! Have you named them yet?

    On the holes, we make ours pretty large, a bit over 3 inches in diameter. If you can’t get your fingers in to sandpaper, get a wire brush – that will do the trick!

  5. Hallo again! It HAS been a while! I’ve been busy — my apologies. Still glad you remember me!

    Oh, ours are around two inches — you know the drill (bad pun), if they can fit their head through it… yeah, they’ll go there. But a wire brush… hadn’t thought of that, Caine. And to think I grew up on a farm with lots of varied tools! *facepalm*

    Thank you for the sympathy, and sorry about Rubin. :/ It does suck, the way these critters get tumours. The new crew? Heh, they’re moving so fast, I’m still confused why I didn’t remember they only start to take things like Floridan retirees later on (sans the drinks and Cuban food). But yes, they are named — already were when we got them. The breeders had named them already, and they seem to actually respond to those names, so… why bother? Besides, the names were already so affectionate that we didn’t even mind! They are, respectively, called Inger (mink), Kaste (mink essex — the name means “Dew” in English) and Kit Kat (rex, black Essex — and yes, it’s the chocolate bar brand…)

  6. Thanks. We’ve been pretty lucky on the tumor front, Rubin is our first rat with one. Aaw, your new crew sounds adorable! They do keep you on your toes when they’re young. They have such joy in everything and they are so much fun. :D

  7. Whoa, the first one? Crikey! All but one of ours had to be put down due to tumours! Genetics, meh.

    Thanks! The crew is still trying to get used to their new home, but yeah, they are fun and totally and utterly insane in that “…how the hell did she do THAT?”

    …especially when they climb on top of a seven-foot tall cabinet and want to stay there instead of coming down. ;)

  8. Hee. They are insane climbers when they are young. I was absolutely staggered when our 2nd litter crew started climbing in earnest – it’s unbelievable what they can manage to scale.

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