Chester waxes happy

I forgot to put a candle away the other day…





6 thoughts on “Chester waxes happy

  1. Hee hee. Chester is adorable and very pleased with himself.

    I wonder if eating candles is analogous to humans eating gummy bears and the like? No nutritional value but interesting textures and flavor. :D (I prefer fruit snacks, but I’m not sure my stomach always agrees.)

  2. Oh yes, he was very pleased with himself! I don’t know why they eat wax, but I figure it might be like when I was a kid – you could get little wax soda bottles with sweet syrup in them. You bit off the tops, drank the stuff inside, then chewed on the wax like it was gum. Same with wax lips.

  3. Now that you mention them, I have a vague memory of such treats, but I don’t think my mom liked them because we never had any at our house.

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