Extreme pencil sharpening



8 thoughts on “Extreme pencil sharpening

  1. No, they don’t sharpen my pencils, they eat them at any given opportunity. I keep my pencils out of their reach, those things are expensive!

    Yes, it worked.

  2. I’m guessing that they’re only in it for the wood, since The Graphite is Still Standing.

  3. Sort of still standing, yes. :D It’s mostly the wood, but the graphite comes in for abuse by teeth, too. After writing with these last night, I left them on a side table in my studio. Apparently, the rats were pissed I took them, because they were gone this morning. Hee.

  4. I was wondering if the graphite was appealing to them, and my answer was no. Apparently the correct answer is they like the wood better, but the ratties do not like having their toys taken away. :D

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