Concerto in Walnut Shell

The varied sounds rat chewing can make is astonishing, depending on the object being chewed, the speed, density and so forth. Last night, I was treated to a lovely concerto in walnut shell by Amelia.




4 thoughts on “Concerto in Walnut Shell

  1. D’aww, that brings back memories of my ratties chewing me to sleep upon whole walnuts. I had ONE rat determined enough to open Brazil nuts.

  2. Pteryxx, yes, it’s something, how you can get so used to that sound that it becomes comforting. It’s an odd night I don’t fall asleep to a symphony of chewing.

    Hekuni Cat, yes, they always get some in the shell. This crew is spoiled, and likes their walnuts cracked in half, but left in the shell.

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