Have a drink

Amelia helps herself to little chocolate milk.



7 thoughts on “Have a drink

  1. Well.
    It’s a good thing I came over here before leaving a snark on Needled about no rattie posts.
    Chocolate milk good.
    Tickles for Amelia and every other rat who wants some.

  2. Tickles shall be delivered. :D Sorry about the lack of photos, I haven’t had my camera at hand lately.

  3. Don’t tell Beatrice, but Amelia is the cutest. Or at least she somehow always manages to show her best side for the camera. :P

  4. Cicely, she always is, even when she’s getting in trouble, which is most of the time. :D

    Oh, I don’t know, Beatrice. There’s a near lethal level of cute in the studio, and Beatrice is very much a part of it, she’s just not an extrovert like Amelia. I need to make one of her fave foods, that will draw her out – she’s very sensible about food. :D

  5. Squee! She is so sweet and photogenic. Gentle pets and hugs for all the ratties, especially Vasco.

  6. She is a one for photos, that little girl is a wannabe model. :D Pets and hugs for everyone, especially Vasco, will be delivered.

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