8 thoughts on “That didn’t take long

  1. And now I visualise a bunch of rats lying around, cradling their exaggeratedly-plump bellies in their hands and moaning. “Never again!”, they whimper…

    …but we all know that that’s not going to happen.

  2. I got curious about what eating all that Nutella would mean in human scale and so I did some quick calculations (the purpose of which is not criticism, I’m just randomly geeking):

    So the little fellows had someting like 3 – 6.5 g (0.1 – 0.25 oz) of Nutella/day (assuming 20 rats, 6 days and 400 g or 750 g jar). If we scale that amount by body weight and they were 60 kg humans instead of (I’m guessing) 300 g rats they would have eaten 600 g – 1.3 kg of Nutella/day. OTOH, from a little googling, lab rats need about 3.8 times food energy/unit of body mass than a human working in an office. So, I think the amount of Nutella for lab rats would be roughly equivalent to a office human eating a 300 g (11 oz) bag of potato chips/day.

    I imagine your rats are much more physically active than average lab rats and so they aren’t equivalent to office workers, more like construction workers or mountain climbing instructors.

  3. Cicely, no, that’s not going to happen. If I put another jar out, they’d be right on it.

    Nakkustoppeli, that’s nothing to a rat. The rats are very active, they are free range, not caged. They have around 740 square feet of space to run about in, complete with playstations (large, tall, multi-level shelves adapted for rat happiness) and various other things to get into and onto. As for the Nutella, pfft. You should see the amount of organic Spring mix salad they go through, the vegetables they go through, the Reggie Rat food they go through, the trail mix, the pasta, the rice pilaf, the…it goes on and on. Of course, rats don’t eat every little thing – they’re great believers in thieving and stashing food all over the fucking place. Just in case, y’know.

  4. That’s about 3 times the size of my flat (I don’t need anything bigger but then again I can free range outdoors 8-)!

  5. Nakkustoppeli, they have much more room to roam than they need. These guys are spoiled beyond the bounds of all that is reasonable. They discovered carrot cake yesterday, and are now pretending to be all manner of baffled as to why they have salad for breakfast and not cake. Oh, life is so hard, I’ll try and find time to cry for them. :D

    Chigau & Cicely – I don’t dare take the jar and throw it away. It counts as treasure.

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