Yesterday, I was badly triggered (in regard to my rape) by someone in a discussion, and unfortunately I wasn’t alone in that.  It resulted in one of the worst episodes I’ve had in quite a while, to the point of having to take a sedative at 2:30 in the freaking afternoon. This brings me to Amelia. Amelia is amazing and so very special. When I was crying and shaking and trying not to be sick all over the place, she came running, climbed onto my arm and immediately started bruxing. As soon as I touched her, she settled in and started boggling. I calmed down right away. Amelia stuck very close to me all day yesterday, into the evening. She made sure to brux and boggle for me at regular intervals. Amelia was cuddling me. I just don’t have words for how very special she is or how very well she takes care of me. Thank you, Amelia.






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