The Invisible Rat

It’s Dexter! Dexter is our resident invisibility expert. He’s pathologically shy, I’ve seen him about 4 times since he was two months old. Being able to get a photo is a  rare event.



23 thoughts on “The Invisible Rat

  1. Oh, please tell Beatrice “Hi!” back. No, missing out on Nutella isn’t right, but Dexter has his own way, and the likes of me isn’t about to change it.

  2. Thanks, cicely, for saying hi for me. Now that I was reminded you’re reachable here, Caine… Hi! :)
    *cuddles* for the ratties

    I’m sorry to read about Chas and Sam. *hugs*

  3. Hi Beatrice! Thank you for the hugs. The colony is doing well, and little Beatrice is doing wonderful, she’s gotten a tad less shy.

  4. So Dexter isn’t just camera shy. Perhaps its best you don’t know what he’s up to. :D

  5. Well I was wrong – I just put out a big dish of Nutella and am now watching Dexter attack it. He’s become much more visible since Sam died. He may have been a frequent target of Sam’s bullying.

  6. Dexter’s picture sent me to the rat-guide.
    Wow! Don’t they all look Young!
    Dexter is reading:
    chiller that inspired
    -ne tingling film!]

  7. Yes, it is magic! If you really want to see rats come out of the woodwork though, the serious magic is…vaseline. Yep. Little monsters are crazy about the stuff.

  8. It still doesn’t look normal, but he can see out of it, which is the most important thing. We were very concerned that he might lose the eye, so the improvement is a serious relief.

  9. To *eat* it. And eat isn’t a good descriptor. Grab massive gobs of it and wolf it down is better. They’ll do anything to get vaseline.

  10. Nope. It greases up the works and makes everything slide right out. Makes a right mess all over, let me tell ya.

  11. Ah; an aid to achieving Through-put!

    Once upon a more-than-twenty-years-ago time, my nephew (then about a year and a half old) had this thing about Vaseline. “A right mess” was the least of it.

    This one time, Sister2 (his mother) was asleep on the couch, while he was (supposed to be) napping. He found the Vaseline (supposedly well-hidden), liberally coated himself (inside and out!), then carefully applied a thin coating on the floor along the couch, and (for good measure) tucked a good-sized handful into her shirt pocket—all while she insensibly slept on.

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