Goodbye, Sam

Sam died several days ago.  Sam was a bundle of fear-driven neuroses, having come from an abusive situation before he came to us. He was never remotely social and no one could ever touch him, let alone give him a pet.  The closest I ever got on that score was having him accept a treat from me now and then. He was older than Havelock and definitely an alpha rat – he was a terrible bully and fought constantly.  All that said, Sam was responsible for over half our current rats and he was a very good rat daddy, so let that be his epitaph.

Sam Daddy with a baby Vasco




11 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sam

  1. Well, bugger.
    More hugs.
    I have a hard enough time with kittehs dieing every decade or so.
    I don’t think I could ever do ratties.
    and more hugs

  2. Sam was just over two years old, so it wasn’t entirely unexpected. He was fighting and bullying right up to the end. Life has seriously calmed down in the colony with his death, there hasn’t been any fighting at all, which is nice. I feel bad that I never could get through to Sam, but he’s not the first rescue rat we had with such problems. He had the best life we could offer. He certainly gave us a bunch of beautiful rats – he sired my faves, Chester and Amelia. Sam was a superlative parent, too. He spent as much time as I’d allow with the ratlets and he was a great comfort to the first crew after Esme’s death. I’d let Sam in the condo with them, and it was something to see, the ratlets would swarm him, pushing and poking until he stood up while they rooted about in search of a nipple. He slept with them, played with them, groomed them and was very protective.

  3. I’m so sorry, Caine. His fatherly skills will definitely be remembered. *lots of hugs and much love*

  4. Oh Caine, I’m so sorry about Sam and Chas. Thanks for giving them such good lives and sharing knowledge of them with us.

  5. It sounds as if Sam was a quite a complex character. I’m sorry to hear about him passing away. You gave him the best life he could have had.

  6. Thanks, Pteryxx. Chas was much more of an upset than Sam, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

    Nakkustoppeli, Sam wasn’t complex, he was basically a nasty rat, but at least part of that wasn’t his doing, it was a result of his abusive circumstance before he came to us. Quite honestly, he was a non-stop terror to all the other rats (except when he parented) and life in the colony has improved a great deal with his death. We have had great success with some of the rescues, others, not so much. Sam was one of the ‘not so much’ rats. As far as I could tell, Sam had a good life playing alpha rat and bullying the hell out of the other rats.

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