Goodbye, Chas

I just found Chas dead.  No clue why, he was happy and active late last night. Goodbye, sweet boy, I’ll miss you.



12 thoughts on “Goodbye, Chas

  1. Thanks, Chigau. Complete mystery, to all outward appearance he was healthy, coat soft and good, no wounds, healthy appetite, active – he looked peaceful too, like he just fell over dead. He was the last of our Blazes.

    Thank you, Betheratgirl. He was very sweet, a shy boy. It’s especially tough to lose rats so young, given their short life spans. Chas was just 8 months old.

  2. Oh, what sad news. {hugs} They did have wonderful, though shortened, lives, The fact that all of your rats with the lethal cute gene lived much longer than expected attests to your mad rat owner skills

  3. I’m so sorry, Caine. Everybody knows that the day will come, but when it comes, it comes unexpected. Also, what others said about the wonderful life, seconded.

  4. *hugs and much love*

    Caine, I’m so sorry. He will be missed. Chas was very photogenic.

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