Rat Tales


Work? I don’t need to work. What I need to do, according to the Book of Amelia:

Cuddle her in my left arm while petting her and she bruxes and boggles for me.

Keep holding her while she takes a nap.

Keep holding her while she chews on the drawstring of my tentacle hoodie.

Hold her in my hand while she grooms her nails.

Keep holding her in my hand while she grooms my nails.

Back to cuddling, petting, bruxing and boggling.

More napping.

Hold her while she chews the hell out of the A button on my hoodie.

Climbs into the right sleeve of my hoodie. Goes back to sleep.

Okay, finally awake. I place her on my desk and she’s now happily stealing banana chips.

Rats, bad for work productivity.


6 thoughts on “Rat Tales

  1. Oh my, I can’t even imagine how much time it would take to embroider that, even in such a small size!

    Ah, Amelia is yours, and if she ever got the chance to see you in person, she’d charm your socks right off. Out of all the rats, she’s the most affectionate and playful. She makes me laugh every night, when I settle in to bed, she charges in, races up and down the bed, waiting for me to scritch her. As soon as I do, she flips onto her back and chews my fingers while I scritch her belly. She’s a fully charged up and charming ‘Tickle Me Amelia’.

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