Leftover Ratmas  pics – first up, one of the best things about Ratmas is giftie paper! Very exciting, that.  Vasco and Artemis are always the first to the paper.









9 thoughts on “Paper

  1. Very much like that! Rats *love* boxes and wrapping paper. The more crinkly the paper (as in noise value), the better. :D

  2. Um, well, on opposing sides! Artemis always wants to run off with the paper, while Vasco tries to horde it for his mailbox. He’s quite intent on decorating that thing. :D Scritches delivered.

  3. It’s much better, at least it doesn’t look like a scene out of Friday the 13th anymore, but it isn’t healed yet. We aren’t too sure that he’s regained his vision in it yet.

  4. Not to make light of Vasco’s situation…
    but I’m picturing the eye exam:
    “read the first line”
    “read the second like”

    How do you test vision on a critter?

  5. Heh. It’s easy enough, making movements on the side of his injured eye to see if he responds. He doesn’t respond most of the time as of yet, and the few times he has, it’s been a slow response.

  6. Ah.
    Well, he has his family to watch out for his blind-side.
    (unless they’re stealing his treats on that side)
    and I’m sure the eye-patch will be dashing!

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