Basil has a nap

on one of my easels. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I am unable to replace my dead laptop and my little netbook doesn’t have a card reader and has the speed of baked molasses. Not prime material for blogging.




7 thoughts on “Basil has a nap

  1. :D They do love searching out the odd places. If I ever get a new ‘puter, I can get back to blogging their ‘antics’, which includes recently destroying my bed. I’m now sleeping on a couple of thin layers of foam, on the floor. Not a good month, so far. And 13 is usually a lucky number for me! (Might as well get some superstitious irrationality in this year, too.)

  2. Basil looks very content. And adorable. And a bunch of other adjectives. I’m sorry about your bed and your computer. I wish I could do something to help.

  3. Oh, thank you, Hekuni Cat. Everything will be fine. I’ll get a new bed and ‘puter eventually. No point crying over it. Although, I could easily devolve into a puddle of whine for a couple of days! :D

  4. Whine as much as you need to. *hugs and much love*

    Basil against the puzzle backdrop fascinates me. I keep coming back to look at him.

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