FAO Chigau

Agnes, Vasco & Theo enjoying chocolate ice cream. Amelia preferred pasta.

Vasco & Theo
Vasco & Theo
Amelia prefers pasta
Amelia prefers pasta

5 thoughts on “FAO Chigau

  1. Hee. She did have ice cream, but naturally, when I aimed the camera her way, she jumped to the pasta bowl. :D

  2. I assume Vasco’s other eye is the one needing the drops. Otherwise, I’m happy he’s looking so good.

  3. Yes, it’s the other eye. He’s doing quite well. He does end up with more eye drops on his head than in his eye, but the healing continues and it looks like a full recovery will take place, which is a relief, given what a gory mess it was.

  4. I’m so glad to hear it.

    When I was administering eye drops to my mother, it frequently felt as if I got more on her cheek than in her eye, so you and Vasco are in good company. :D

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