Surviving the move

One thing I’ve noted over the years of playing host to rats is that they are highly resistant to change. A full on rat snit over moving things can put a cat snit to shame. Today, I decided to move the playstation, oh my! We’re all done now and the rats are re-exploring everything, making sure everything is properly peed upon and adjusting. A special treat of baby food helps things along.






10 thoughts on “Surviving the move

  1. At first glance, it looks like they’re bellying up to the bar for some ketchup and mustard.
    That would be the baby food, I assume?

  2. Yes, disgusting lookin’, ennit? Turkey & Rice and Chicken & Rice. I don’t have a clue where that lurid orange colour comes from and I don’t want to know, either.

  3. Wellllll…..rice being the common element to the two flavors, I think we can assume that it isn’t responsible. So the question is: did they use orange turkeys and yellow chickens? Or vice verse? ‘Cause surely they wouldn’t just gratuitously use Artificial Coloring; that would run up the cost per jar.

  4. No, of course not. Everyone knows baby food is super cheap. *eyeroll*

    Actually…*wanders off to look at ingredients* the culprit in the Turkey & Rice is sweet potato. No wonder they like it so much – they love sweet potatoes.

  5. It’s definitely a color sensation. But as long as its intended eaters are happy, all is good. :D

    Caine, I mailed a box to you for the Ratties. It should arrive in 2-3 days. I hope they enjoy the contents. I had a lot of fun decided what I would include.

    Take care

  6. We’ve not given our rats babyfood in ages, mostly because my wife distrusts anything with additives. It’s usually just fresh veggies (and my wife’s morning porridge) or rice mixed into minced meat. Sweet potatoes, however, are our ratties’ fave as well!

    As for that cage and general layout… whoa, I’ve been trying to figure out exactly much space twenny-something rats need, and that’s quite… large. In comparison, to what we have:

  7. Oh, Hekuni Cat, thank you! We usually check mail on Mondays, but I’ll be sure to look out for it.

    Teejaykay, ours get organic spring mix salad, fresh veg and Reggie Rat dry mix every day. Baby food is a treat – we have a fucktonne of it because of Zoe & Carrot having megacolon, and they had to go on a low residue diet. Carrot died of it and Zoe made a complete turn around, she has a normal colon now, so there are bags of effing baby food in the kitchen. Sweet potatoes, oh yes. One of the things on the low residue diet was mashed potatoes with extra extra butter. They weren’t crazy about that, so I made them mashed sweet potatoes with extra extra butter and steamed peas mixed in – instant hit!

    You have a nice set up. Ours have so much space because my studio is *massive*. We have to do repairs downstairs, replace some drywall and that sort of thing, but eventually, I want to move them downstairs. We have about 1300 Sq feet down there, so they could happily go berserk. Plus, stairs. Our previous rats were allowed out and about the house a few times a week and they *adored* stairs. Besides, it’s funnier than hell watching a rat go downstairs. The shelf that makes up the Playstation was a cheap one and it’s not all that big, 49″ inches wide.

  8. Dry mix as well here; didn’t know that you could treat megacolon with babyfood! Peas and corn are a hit as well over here, but we try to limit the amount of grease even though we’re a lactose-free home (wife is allergic to milk) — and in any case, they seem to be getting pretty chubby with all that nutty goodness (pistachio and walnuts) as treats. Another instant hit for summer heatwaves is a dish full over water and frozen corn, pears and bits of bell pepper. They usually don’t eat the peppers, though. :p

    I’ll convey your compliments about the set up to my wife: the cage itself is ready-made and modular (it even has freaking wheels!), but felt, litterboxes and the hammocks, all her work.

    Our A-Team (all of their names end with A) goes happily berserk in our 600 sq flat in any case. With just four, it’s easy to keep an eye out for them. I’ll take your word for it about the stairs, the funniest I’ve seen is our black-hooded somehow spidering her way on top of a seven foot tall cabinet. We looked for her for an hour before she got bored and sniffed at us. Crazy bastard.

  9. The megacolon diet is ‘low residue’, basically, foods which will, uh, slide through. We got our info from here, via our rat doc:

    Oh, ours love pistachios too, haven’t offered up walnuts yet. Oh, we do the veggie pool too – it’s so much fun to watch them fish for veg. Ours make a massive mess and have a blast.

    One of the problems with a big house is that if a rat does get loose, you can kiss off finding them unless they decide to make themselves known. Crap, half the time, I can’t find them in the studio. It’s amazing what they can climb, isn’t it? You can swear to yourself, “couldn’t possibly get *wherever*” and before you know it, that’s where they are.

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