Life on the Playstation

The Playstation has proved to be incredibly popular. It now sports a new big box, suitable for napping, cloth digging and serving as a wrestling arena, a hanging ferret tunnel and I got the multi-level Martins cage suspended on the front of the Playstation.

Basil naps in the big box.
Zoe doing some climbing.
Early to rise, early to breakfast.
Artemis shows for breakfast.
Basil chases Angua.
Amelia, embarking on a climb.
More for breakfast.
The late breakfast crowd.
Chas checking out the new Martins placement.
A new cathouse on the top level. (5 dollars at Big Lots, the rats love these, including the corrugated cardboard scratcher in the bottom.)
Do I want to take the bag or the Martins?
Playing on the big box.




4 thoughts on “Life on the Playstation

  1. Hi Caine

    When you have a moment (hehheh).
    Could you post a ‘Field Guide to Identifying the Caine Ratties’?
    or a permanent link to the ‘Virtual Rattie’ post.
    I can instantly recognize maybe a third of them, the rest … lots of bookmark surfing.

    PS My kitteh’s ‘tent’ is an airline free-blanket stretched between a stack of books and the slipper-basket, spanning the heating vent.
    Kitteh seems to like it.

  2. There’s now a search box & a link to the Virtual Ratlets post at the bottom of the page.

    A hammock over a heating vent? Cat heaven, that.

  3. Not a hammock, a tent.
    All heat coming into the living-room is filtered though kitteh.

    Rat Guide and link:

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