I love a bargain

Who doesn’t?  The rats adore their ferret tents, which are on the spendy side.  In town yesterday, we stopped at Big Lots and I saw cat tents, which are the same as ferret tents, only considerably larger (19 inches as opposed to 12 inches) for half the price (12 dollars.)  They also have a padded bottom and the sides make crinkle noises, which is another thing the rats love.  Yes!

cat tent from Big Lots.

4 thoughts on “I love a bargain

  1. As always, anything that makes noise is “yay!” for them ratties.

    Also, remind me to ask my wife for the instructions on some hammocks she made from felt fabric. They apparently weren’t all that complicated to make per se, but did need some sort of equipment to punch button holes into them so as to hang them up. The funny bit is, said design comes from a former rap-star turned “proper” singer. Never liked the rap, but my opinion of her rose considerably, especially after I saw the hammocks. (We’ve usually only used old legwear: funny how that goes! I didn’t quite think of using the entire jeans before I saw your one picture. :D)

    Sad note over here: our charming one went to the vet today, and yes, the mycoplasmosis is getting worse with the usual “WINTER IS COMING” prophecy. :/ Another one’s got teeth problems. Woe is us. Still, medication, see how it goes and so forth. These ladies gonna turn two years old soonish anyway, so…

  2. Oh yes, rats love the crinkly stuff. Like most people with multiple rats, I do stuff on the cheap all the time. I do make hammocks for them, I have a grommet tool and all that good stuff. Old jeans, leftover material from other projects, whatever is at hand, it all gets used.

    Oh, I’m sorry to hear about the health problems. It’s always a worry, but even more when they’re older. One of our previous rats, Arlo, had a misaligned front tooth, so it didn’t get worn down like it’s supposed to – we had to take him in every two months for a tooth trimming.

  3. My cat likes crinkly things too. She loves to roll around on paper bags, tissue paper, the brown paper used as packing material, plastic packing material–if it crinkles, she wants it. We leave a good supply of suitable material in various rooms for her pleasure.

  4. Yes, ours do too. Rats are the same as cats when it comes to crinkly things love. The more it crinkles, the better.

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